Since 1946 Transcarpathian Museum of local lore began to work in Uzhgorod Castle. “Exposition of nature department” provides physical and geographical characteristics of the Transcarpathian region, data on mountains, forests, flora and fauna and more.”Exposition of archeology department” highlights the topic “Transcarpathia in the era of the ancient Stone Age, Paleolithic”, “Transcarpathia in the era of New Stone Age, Neolithic” etc. “Exposition of history of Uzhgorod and Uzhgorod Castle” represented by monuments of Ancient and New Stone Age, fragments of Copper Age pottery, Bronze Age spearhead from Radvanka, Iron Age pottery from Castle Hill. The exhibits of Uzhgorod history of XVI-XVIII centuries represented there. In particular, fragments of glazed tiles depicting the emblem of rulers of the city and the castle – Drugets, signs of Uzhgorod shoes shop and shop of arms of XVIII century. Uzhgorod emblem, edged weapons, firearms and others are represented there. “Exposition of national musical instruments of Transcarpathia” represents musical instruments of different types – drums, membrane, string, wind and mechanical musical instruments and apparatus beginning of XX century.

In 2009, Uzhgorod Castle took II place in the contest “7 Wonders of Transcarpathia”.